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Screen Printing – Screen printing is the number one thing we do here at Mooseknuckle Prints. Using our 6-color manual screen printing press, we can print your apparel with your custom design up to 6 colors! How does it work? I’m glad you asked…
It starts with the ARTWORK. Once your design is sent to us in the proper format, we can get to work on getting it screen print ready. This can take a lot of time, especially if the artwork is not in the right format. You can see by the before and after pictures that art is very important! Basically, it needs to be in vector form for screen printing so that we can separate the colors. We do this by using Adobe Illustrator. If you do not have a design, and need help making one, our design services start at $50 an hour. Once your artwork is approved, we can move on to the next step.

Next, we get the proper INKS ready. We use plastisol inks to make sure that the design will be durable to outlast years of washes. If you require specialty colors and have a pantone color available, we can get that for you! Once inks are gathered, we can get ready to print!
And finally, we get to the SCREEN MAKING PROCESS. We will get your designs separated by color on each screen using our film and exposure process. Once the screens are ready, we line them up on our press by using registration marks. This can be a tedious process. We always do test prints and once all lined up, we can get to printing! After the shirt is printed, it goes through the curing process to ensure that your prints will withstand the heat of your dryer when washed.
Although it is a long process, this style of printing is the best for bulk quantity prints. We have had the pleasure of printing for companies, churches, schools, and events! We can do so much more! Have a special event coming up? We can get your shirts made for you! Want to spread awareness about your cause? We can help with that! Starting an apparel business? We can print for you!

Embroidery– Embroidery is an amazing process! Using needle and thread, you can make your apparel stand out in a more professional manner. The process of embroidery includes a one-time fee of $40 to digitize your image. Then, your price is customized by stitch count. Embroidery can be used on shirts, hats, jackets, towels, and more! Contact us today about getting your design embroidered!
Banners/Posters– Make a statement at your next event or business with our vinyl banners and posters. Starting at $75 each, we can provide you with a banner with your logo or design on it. Vinyl banners come with grommets and are structured to withstand weather outside. Our posters start at $5 a square ft. Contact us for more info. Need help with a designing? Just let us know!
Sizing of banners are as follows:
2.5ft X 4ft $75
2.5ft X 5ft $85
2.5ft X 6ft $95
2.5ft X 8ft $135
2.5ft X 10ft $155
2.5ft X 12ft $190
White Toner Prints– Using our full color white toner laser printer, we can provide you with radiant images on any style garment. Some examples that are common for this type of printing are Memorial Shirts with pictures, full color images, last names on back of shirts, numbers, sleeve flags, etc. This style of printing is used for customers who want one or a few garments with their chosen design on it. Found a design you like online? Bring it to me and we can get it printed!
Promotional Items– Advertising is a great way to grow your business! Finding the best promotional products can help get your name out and customers in. Not only can we provide t-shirts with your design or logo, but we can do others such as hats, pens, keychains, koozies, umbrellas, stress balls, and so much more! Contact us about your branding today!
Company/Team/Retail Stores– We can offer your business a platform that can help you fundraise or sell your products with your design/logo on them. We use the Order My Gear platform for ease of ordering for your customers.


It is impossible to give exact pricing on our website as this is all dependent upon what you’re wanting on your apparel. Our pricing varies based on colors, placement of design, garment types & quantity, and how many designs you are wanted on your apparel. We can tell you that the more garments you want, the cheaper your order will be!
Call us today for a proper quote!